So, why a blog? I am not sure I know. Two days ago I wouldn’t have thought it, but now I am sitting here, writing my first entry.

Why do I blog in English? I am, after all, from Sweden. Three reasons:

#1: My friends and family I talk to. They don’t need my blog.

#2: Those Swedes that do not understand English, probably wouldn’t be interested in what I am writing anyway.

#3: I need to train myself in using the English language, so, yes, I welcome all constructive criticism of the way I use it.

(…and, yes, I AM going to use this for my school work)

This will be a learning process, and the Blog will take me on a ride as much as I am trying to bend it to my own will. Where this will end, nobody knows, least of all I.

I am, I suppose, a liberal person. I think the motto “live and let live” is quite appropriate for me. Thus I support the freedom of speech, and am a strong supporter of constitutional democracy and equal rights for all mankind. In consequence I condemn the oppression of people for whatever reason, be it political; religious; color of skin; or for reason of gender. We are all born free, and have all the same intrinsic rights. If you think you have a right, then I have that same right too. Reciprocal is the watchword for true democracy, and if you do not accept that, you are no democrat.

So, There I set the tone. This is however, not going to be a political blog (I think) but a place for me to throw some ideas around, and to share some experiences I have made. I love music, and I love to read. I am not a “sporty” person, but I like to take a long walk or hang out at the beach, swimming and playing, and I love to ride my MTB, cross-country and downhill. 🙂  …and (I almost forgot) I am an ice-cream maniac.

That’s it for starters. For next time I need a topic.

Bye all! 🙂